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coll. with : EU co.creation lab + zemos98

year : 2021 :
subject : auto-assessment tool + Prticipatory process :
work : workshop : tool set

The Cultural and Creative Spaces and Cities (CCSC) project acknowledged that – particularly at this moment of ‘crisis of political representation’ – EU institutions are perceived as being too distant from local communities. There is little sense of direct benefit and impact to local communities across Europe. With this in mind, the project aims to bring cultural and creative spaces to the heart of new democratic forms – bridging the local and supranational level, drawing on principles of individual and social cohesion.

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The TOOLKIT FOR THE HOME OF COMMONS is a policy toolbox for active cultural communities in Europe to become “Homes of Commons” that are able to:

  • Host and support open and heterogeneous movements of people and cultural workers that make knowledge, means of production and political spaces accessible to the community at large
  • Host and support the development proposals for new policies and institutional arrangements at both local and EU level. 


In order to improve access to the toolkit, we designed an auto-assessment tool. This instrument is intended to be used by communities or organisations so that they can assess themselves on their development according to the 11 themes of the toolkit. The auto-assessment tool is designed not only as a preliminary work to the action, but already as a form of action towards prototyping the Home of Commons.